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Quality Assurance
Step 1 : Authentication:
Herbal authentication is the foremost process in purchase of raw herbal materials, which requires close attention. Due to large herbal variety & flora, selection of correct species of herbs are essential to achieve desired medicinal. Optimum Herbal Extracts, verify the authenticity via analytical scientific methods prior to acquisition & implementation of source materials in manufacture process.
Step 2: Raw Herbs Sourcing Team:
Optimum Herbal Extracts is dedicated to consistent authenticity, efficacy, safety and quality of source herbs. So, we source our herbal materials from certified contract farmers and suppliers that meet our criteria specification. In order to accomplish and maintain this important aspect of the operation, we have developed the sourcing team with experienced professionals in the industry. Teams mission is to oversee and maintain all aspects of herbal source materials from authentication and quality assessment to the handling, storage and condition of materials that have acquired for manufacturing.
Quality Assurance
Step 3: Solvent Extraction & Concentration Process:
Extraction of herbs is a complicated process due to the complex nature of plant compounds & structure. Active ingredients are present in the organic compounds and its essential to separate the active ingredients without losing its desired components. Extraction is facilitated by the solubility of these components in the extraction medium. Medium can be organic solvents such as ethanol, Ethyl alcohol, water or its combination. We use scientific principles of solubility and physical separation to extract a particular compound.
Optimum Herbal Extracts, adopts low temperature extraction process to minimize the potential damage of active ingredients and maximize the efficiency of finished product. Its the most advanced technology carried out by very few Global manufacturers. After the separation of active components using extraction media, purification & concentration is proceeded by numerous physical & chemical processes. Each process is carefully monitored by our automated machinery & experienced quality assurance personals.
Step 4: Granulation & Quality Assessment:
Concentrated liquid extracts are passed through drying bed by Fluid- bed spray driers to create concentrated granules or powders as per the customers specification. Each batch is measured to ensure consistency in Size, Color and appearance to provide high quality herbal products. Following array of test are carried out at our laboratories before the allotment of batch number
  • Assay on Active Ingredients ( HPLC, UV, Gravimetryetc)
  • Heavy Metals testing (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic etc)
  • Microbial Screening (Total Plate Count, Yeast & Mould, Salmonella etc
  • Ensures an eco-friendly environment
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